JEE Advanced Toppers’s Tips For 2019 Exam

As IIT JEE exams are scheduled from 8th January 2019 (Tuesday) to 12th January 2019 (Saturday) and there is not much time left for preparation, students may feel a lot of pressure for the preparation of exam. To help such students overcome the fear of exam, we have provided IIT JEE preparation tips by the 2018 JEE toppers.

These interviews with the toppers will help you overcome your fear related to the exam and guide you in preparing better for it. So, following are the essential tips you can consider and follow to crack IIT JEE 2019 exam.

JEE Advanced Toppers’s Tips For JEE Advanced 2019 Exam


1.Pranav Goyal, JEE Advanced 2018 Topper (AIR 1)

Pranav Goyal, JEE 2018 Topper (AIR 1)

Pranav Goyal, who bagged the first rank (All India Rank) in JEE Advanced and fourth rank in JEE Main motivated aspiring candidates by saying that [su_quote]If you focus well, your study hours will not matter. The quality of study matter more than quantity. Also remain calm and focused. Your concepts should be strong. Do solve the previous year’s question papers of JEE.[/su_quote]

Pranav is absolutely correct, the quality of your study time matters more than the number of hours you study. Also, practicing previous years’ question papers is a must as it helps you in evaluating the level of your preparation and in ascertaining weak areas where you need to focus. So, students are suggested to follow the advice of Pranav Goyal and work as hard as he did to crack IIT JEE 2018.


2.) Sahil Jain, JEE Advanced 2018 (AIR 2)

Sahil Jain, JEE Advanced 2018 (AIR 2)

Sahil Jain bagged an All India Rank of 2 in the JEE Advanced 2018 where he scored 326 out of 360. According to Sahil, the key to making it through JEE exams is to work hard regularly, stay away from social media and smartphone.

To manage exam stress, Sahil said that he used to do Yoga and meditation, talk to his parents to relax, read books, listened to music. All these activities helped him stay stress-free, focused, and active for the preparation of the exam.

To motivate future aspirants, Sahil says [su_quote]I would like to say only one thing and that is to study and work hard. Do not get demotivated by failure; instead make your failure your strength[/su_quote]

We really agree with what Sahil Jain has to say. A student must be ready to give all his effort for the preparation of exam and keep himself healthy and stress-free by exercising.


3.) Kalash Gupta, JEE Advanced 2018 (AIR 3)

Kalash Gupta, JEE Advanced 2018 (AIR 3)

Kalash Gupta gives credit to his family and coaching institute for clinching All India Rank 3 in JEE Advanced 2018. Kalash joined coaching classes which helped him direct his preparation and helped ascertain areas he needed to work on.

Practicing previous years’ question papers and taking mock tests regularly also helped Kalash in enhancing his preparation for the exam. To overcome stress, Kalash used to play football and chess, watched comedy clips.

Kalash recommends future aspirants by saying that [su_quote]Even if the going gets tough, the trick is to not get demotivated. It is because demotivation can derail the preparation process. I want to wish all the future aspirants good luck and All the best[/su_quote]

Well, Kalash is absolutely true that feeling demotivated during the exam preparation can affect your exam result adversely. You must be positive and focused throughout the preparation of your exam. Keep yourself motivated by interacting with family members and people who believe that you can clear the JEE exams with flying colours.


4.) Sarvesh Mehtani, JEE 2017 Topper (AIR 1)


Sarvesh Mehtani from Chandigarh achieved the first rank in JEE Advanced 2017 and 55th in JEE Main 2017. Sarvesh scored 339 marks out 366 (JEE Advanced) where he got 104 marks in Physics, 115 mars in Chemistry, and 120 marks in Mathematics. The success mantra shared by Sarvesh to his juniors is to [su_quote]stay calm, organized, and work hard[/su_quote]

Well, Sarvesh’s motivational words may seem simple, but following them is a task in itself. Being calm, focused, and organized during the preparation of your JEE exam is surely going to yield favourable results.


5.) Akshat Chugh, JEE Advanced 2017 (AIR 2)

Akshat Chugh, JEE Advanced 2017 (AIR 2)

Akshat Chugh of Pune achieved the second rank JEE Advanced 2017 and seventh rank in JEE Main 2017.  He scored 335 marks out of 366 in JEE Advanced as he got 122 marks in Mathematics, 112 marks in Chemistry, and 101 marks in Physics. In JEE Main 2017, he scored 345 out of 360. When asked about tips he would like to give to the future JEE Advanced aspirants, he replied by saying that [su_quote]The most important thing is practice. We should do practice regularly. If we do not do practice then we will not be able to crack JEE examination[/su_quote]

Undoubtedly, practicing on a regular basis is the key to clear JEE Exams. Regular practice of your JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabus will not only help you evaluate your preparation but also allow you to revise it frequently, helping you understanding and remembering concepts and topics for long.


So, these are some of the motivating words by the toppers that you can follow to stay energetic and focused for your exam. As you can read that there is nothing special these toppers did to prepare for the exam. All they did in common was to give ample time for preparation, stay focused and work hard for the exam. Their suggestions are so simple that if you follow them religiously, there is nothing that can divert you from the path of scoring well in the exam.

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