How to Register for JEE Main Mock Test

A lot of change has been made in the JEE Main exam beginning with 2019. Earlier, JEE Main exam was being conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) once a year, however, from 2019; it will be organized by National Testing Agency (NTA) twice a year.

As the first attempt of JEE Main 2019 has been scheduled for 6th January 2019 to 20th January 2019, candidates are looking to practice as many mock tests as they can. As JEE Main exam will now be conducted as a computer-based test only, to help candidates, Joint Entrance Examination department has provided facility to take the mock test online through their official website. Information regarding it has been provided below.

Apart from understanding concept, revising your JEE Main syllabus, practicing mock tests on a regular basis is also important as it helps in evaluating your level of preparation, ascertaining your weak and strong section in particular subject, boosting your confidence as well as your time management skills.

So, it is always recommended to include ample time in your study plan to take JEE Main mock tests. Here is the information on how to register for mock tests on the official website of NTA.

Steps to Register for JEE Main Mock Test

jee main mock test registration

1.) Go to the NTA official Website.

2.) On the lower-right corner of the page, you will see the option – Student Registration (Mock Test).

3.) Click on this option and you will be directed to the next page. On this page, a pop will appear with some information. Just go through the information and click on the Close button on the pop-up.

4.) Choose from the different option given on the page to sign in for the mock test registration. The options will be:

  • Sign in with Google
  • Log in With Facebook
  • Mobile Number Login

5.) After signing in, you will be taken to the next page where you will need to provide your personal detail, contact detail, academic/exam detail, and exam detail. After providing detail for each section, click on the Next button and finally on the Submit button.

6.) On the next page, you will be given the list of centres. As you wish to take a mock test, click on the Mock Test option located on the left-hand side panel. You will be directed on the next page.

7.) On this page, click on the START MOCK TEST button to begin taking the mock test. By taking these mock tests, you will get familiar with the exam pattern which will help you in performing better in JEE Main 2019 exam.

8.) Alternatively, you can also directly click on the Online Mock Test button on the sign-in page if you don’t wish to sign in.

NOTE: At present, there are 4 Mock Test available for JEE Main (Paper 1) and 1 Mock Test for JEE Main (Paper 2). For practicing more Mock Tests, refer to the following mock test papers.

Important Link: Mobile Application For JEE Main Mock Test

Practice these mock tests on a regular basis to enhance your preparation for the JEE Main 2019 exam.

Help Video of Online Mock Test (Student Must Watch)

Updated: January 4, 2019 — 7:31 am

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